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Irresistible Personal Ad

cropped-photo-on-2015-03-24-at-09-52.jpgMiddle-aged Jewish female with virulent bipolar disorder seeks lover–preferably female. Kindness, intelligence, financial generosity put you at the top of the list. What I offer: hot sex, at least for a while; a mind that, when operating correctly, delivers reliable first-class entertainment; humor and despair in equal measure; tears–joyful, sad, and others of unknown origin; ideas–any time of day–sometimes great ones, sometimes just a lot of them; unplanned vacations to destinations that don’t merit highway signs, with nights spent in Motel Sixes under paper blankets that require smooth toenails (always a good idea anyhow if we’re going to prevail); the cutest, tiniest dog named after the cutest, smallest planet, who picks up the slack when I am not at my most charming; a nice face; interesting, worker’s hands that show signs of former glory; eyes, nice ones; a belly button that goes in (thank God) with a matching, ever-expanding stomach to match an ever-expanding heart and endlessly querying mind; more sensitivity than a tuning fork, especially to the helpless and oppressed; no kids or family or clinging, bossy friends popping in; a private lending-library of tomes penned in a previous century along with fountain pens and typewriters employed in their creation; a vintage Harmony guitar with no mother of pearl inlay; a six-speed pickup truck with a giant dent in the passenger’s side which discourages hitchhikers attracted by my excellent choice in music; unsurpassed fun between crises; a ribald independence with characteristics of self-destructiveness. Will respond to all reasonable applicants.

4 thoughts on “Irresistible Personal Ad

  1. The private lending-library of tomes penned in a previous century is what tempts me. I agree with Sally–I’m glad you’re writing.

  2. This one is great.

    *cell 650-209-5257; home 413-727-3789*

    *The Aerie **~ 184 Main St, #4, Northampton, MA 01060*

    *Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.~Plato *

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